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BUAD 123 Management Principles

How a Company Controls or is Controlled

Key points to consider:

  • What control systems are in place to monitor company performance?
  • How does the environment/industry contribute to the level or kinds of controls used?
  • What behaviors, processes and outcomes are being controlled?

Companies do not operate on a vacuum. They need to monitor their performance. The structure of the company can give some idea of how they control. What they report to the public and to shareholders can illustrate how they control and monitor their performance.

Controlling may involve setting standards, measuring actual performance, and taking corrective action.

Companies are also controlled: Government agencies can control companies, legislation can restrict what companies can and cannot do. For example the airline industry's operating regulations are controlled by government.

Controlling involves three components:

  1. How the company controls its internal operations
  2. How the company is controlled by external factors and agencies
  3. How the company tries to obtain and influence or control its market

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