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Wine and Viticulture Research Guide: Citation

This guide contains descriptions of and links to resources for students doing viticulture or winery assistant research at Okanagan College.


See the OC Calendar 'General academic regulations and policies' on plagiarism.   "Plagiarism is the presentation of another person's work or ideas without proper or complete acknowledgement"    (Okanagan College [OC], 2013, Calendar).

Examples of plagiarisim:

  • Copying phrases, sentences, pictures, statistics, graphs, videos or other information without citing the source
  • Failing to use quotation marks to indicate copied information
  • Summarizing or paraphrasing ideas or information without citing the original source
  • Listing a source on the References page but failing to refer to the publication within the body of the assignment.

"Students are responsible for learning and applying the proper scholarly practices for acknowledging the work and ideas of others". (OC, 2013, Calendar): This student responsibility applies in all formats (print, online and others).

Use the Avoid Plagiarism Tutorial to test yourself and find out more about plagiarism.

Crediting your Research Sources

Use the citation style requested by your instructor.   If no citation style is required remember you are responsible for acknowledging your sources.   Get citation help when using article databases.  You can also use a free online reference manager to help you list your sources.


  • Keep track of your sources as you work. Backtracking to relocate a source can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Online Reference (Citation) Managers

Use article databases to help you draft citations for journal articles. 

To cite books and other materials use a free online reference manager.  Mendeley and KnightCite are two examples of online reference managers. They allow you to put the different elements of your citation into a template that will draft a citation for your reference list. 

You can also create your own citations using the Okanagan College Library style and ciation guides, including the APA Style Guide.

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