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IEEE STYLE GUIDE: Abbreviations

This Libguide is an introduction to using IEEE citation system.

Use of Abbreviations in the IEEE Style

The IEEE Style requires that you abbreviate the names of Journals and the names of Conference Proceedings. 

Great care should be taken when creating these abbreviations in order to reduce confession on the part of your reader and to ensure that your reader can retrieve of the information being cited in your paper.

For example:

[1] G.Bede, "Introduction of the IEEE Style" in 2011 2011 International Conference on Information Science and Technology (ICIST), 2001, pp. 1-500.

will become

[1] G. Bede,"Introduction of the IEEE Style" in 2011 Int. Conf. Inform. Sci. and Technology (ICIST), pp.1-500.


Common Acronyms and Abbreviations of Words in References

Full Word                    Abbreviation

Acoustics                     Acoust.

Administration              Admin.

Administrative              Administ.

American                     Amer.

Analysis                       Anal.

Annals                         Ann.

Annual                         Annu.

Apparatus                    App.

Applications                 Appl.

Applied                        Appl.

Association                  Assoc.

Automatic                    Automat.

British                          Brit.

Broadcasting               Broadcast.

Business                     Bus.

Canadian                     Can.

Chinese                       Chin.

Communications         Commun.

Computer(s)                Comput.

Conference                 Conf.

Congress                     Congr.

Convention                  Conv.

Correspondence         Corresp.

Cybernetics                 Cybern.

Department                 Dept.

Development               Develop.

Digest                          Dig.

Economic(s)                Econ.

Education                    Edu.

Electrical                     Elect.

Electronic                    Electron.

Engineering                 Eng.

Ergonomics                 Ergonom.

European                    Eur.

Evolutionary                Evol.

Foundation                  Found.

Geoscience                 Geosci.

Graphics                      Graph.

Industrial                     Ind.

Information                  Inform.

Institute                       Inst.

Intelligence                  Intell.

International                Int.

Japan                          Jpn.

Journal                        J.

Letter(s)                       Lett.

Machine                      Mach.

Magazine                    Mag.

Management               Manage.

Managing                    Manag.

Mathematical               Math.

Mechanical                  Mech.

Meeting                       Meeting

National                       Nat.

Newsletter                   Newslett.

Nuclear                        Nucl.

Occupation                  Occupat.

Operational                 Oper.

Optical                         Opt.

Optics                          Opt.

Organization                Org.

Philosophical               Philosoph.

Proceedings                Proc.

Processing                  Process.

Production                   Prod.

Productivity                 Productiv.

Quarterly                     Quart.

Record                        Rec.

Reliability                     Rel.

Report                         Rep.

Research                     Res.

Review                        Rev.

Royal                           Roy.

Science                       Sci.

Selected                      Select.

Society                        Soc.

Sociological                 Sociol.

Statistics                      Statist.

Studies                        Stud.

Supplement                 Suppl.

Symposium                 Symp.

Systems                      Syst.

Technical                     Tech.

Techniques                 Techn.

Technology                 Technol.

Telecommunications   Telecommun.

Transactions               Trans.

Vehicular                     Veh.

Working                       Work.

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