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Academic Skills Workshops: Scholarly vs Popular Sources

Information and resources for academic skills workshops.

About this workshop

What you'll learn:

  1. The differences between scholarly and non-scholarly sources
  2. How to select and evaluate information sources for your research
  3. Where and how to find scholarly sources using the library website & Google Scholar

In-Class Activity

Click on the assigned source link below to get to your assigned source. Make sure to click on PDF Full Text or Access URL link to get to the full text if it is an article in the library database.

Tip #1: You don't have to read the whole article (or book!). Read the abstract, introduction and conclusion if it's an article. Read the forward/intro, table of content and book blurb on the back cover if it's a book to get a sense of what type of resource this is.

Tip #2: You can usually find the author's credentials somewhere in the byline or on the back of the book. Check the About page if it's a website.


  1. I, Steve (print)
  2. Leadership: A Critical Text (print)
  3. How to Write Proposals, Sales Letters & Reports (print)
  5. "The Perks and Pitfalls of Strategic Communication Planning: A Q&A with Caroline Kealey" (Communication World)
  6. "5 Constructive Ways To Deal With Bad Bosses" (Forbes)
  7. "Income in Canada, 2016 Census of Population" (Statistics Canada)
  8. "How to Get Rich" (wikiHow)


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