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BUAD 123 Management Principles

Learning Journals

For your learning journals, you must apply concepts from the course to real life examples from the media. This page lists library resources with current media sources, and tips for getting alerts set up on specific topics.

Stay Current

OC Library subscribes to a number of newspapers and magazines in print and electronic formats including The Kelowna Daily Courier, Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, and B.C. Business.

Using the Library to access these sources means you won't be stopped by paywalls and can access articles that are otherwise for subscribers only!

Links to Newspapers

You can use databases to search a variety of newspapers at once, or you can go directly to a paper to either browse by date, or search for a particular topic within that paper

Business magazines

Types of Articles


  • written by scholars/academics/researchers
  • usually original research or in-depth analysis, lengthy articles
  • published in an academic journal specific to the field of study
  • edited by other experts in the field, or goes through peer-review process
  • due to research and review process, publication process may be lengthy
  • will contain citations and reference lists

use if: you are required to find scholarly sources, need academic sources to back up your arguments, need to review the literature in the subject area

examples: Academy of Management Journal

Magazines (popular)

  • popular/general readership
  • written by journalists, freelance writers, subject specialists
  • general information on popular topics
  • may have sources, but not usually cited
  • published regularly: monthly or weekly

use if: you need information on current topics, background information, and you are not required to use academic sources

examples: Forbes, Inc, Wired, The Economist


  • published daily
  • local, national and international 
  • may have sources, but not often cited
  • written by journalists and columnists
  • mostly brief articles, however some papers have investigative reports

use if: you need current information and you are not required to use academic sources. Great for current topics of interest. Often useful for local and regional research, when there is nothing else published about a company etc.

examples: Globe and Mail, National Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal

Trade Publications

  • written by industry insiders, for industry people
  • industry specific: trends and news
  • often published by industry associations

use if: you need current information from an insider perspective, statistics and trends, but not academic sources

examples: HR Focus, HR Magazine

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