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BUAD 293 Entrepreneurship

This guide will help you with the research project for this course

Citing your research

If you are unsure which citation style guide to use, consult your course outline or ask your instructor. BUAD courses typically follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).


  • Keep track of your sources as you go. Having to backtrack to relocate a source can be time-consuming and frustrating

Citation Managers

Found a great research article and want to ensure you don't lose the citation? A citation manager allows you to manage your research articles, and organize your citations for future use. Explore some of these resources and see if one or many will work for you!

TIP: Citation managers are not perfect and can make mistakes. ALWAYS double check the citations created by managers against the appropriate style guide.


While the APA guide has many examples of references, it does not cover all resources. Some business sources such as Statistics Canada statistics and NAICS codes are not covered in the manual. In cases where you are not able to find an exact match to follow use the basic foundation of Who. (When). What. Where to get your reader to your source.


Here are some examples of sources you might be using from this guide. Because these are not 'traditional' sources that are listed in the APA manual, there could be variations on how you might format them:

TIP: check at the bottom of Stat Can pages as there will often be a line on how to cite the page- they will not be formatted in APA, however you could start with the citation provided to create an APA citation with the author, date, title, etc. 

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