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CMNS 113 Technical Communication for Information Technology

Research Theme

The impact of social media on business practice"

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The Okanagan College Library Catalogue lists books, DVDs, videos, and CDs the library owns in print or electronic format. You can also search to see if the library subscribes to a specific print or electronic journal by entering the title of the journal. However, you cannot use the catalogue to search for articles within the journals.

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Keywords & Phrases

Social Media

Social Networks

Social Media Use OR Usage or Statistics OR Social Media Adoption

Social Media Privacy OR The Right To Be Forgotten

Social Media Education

Social Media Employment OR Social Media Empoyment Screening

Social Media Interpersonal Communications OR Social Media Interpersonal Relationships

Social Media Anti-Social 

Social Media Trolls or Social Media Harrassment or Social Media Bulling

Internet Addiction Disorder AND Social Media

Social Media Business OR Social Media Business Benefits

Social Media Adults OR Social Media Seniors

Technology Work Life Balance 

Smart Phones Sleep Disorders OR Technology Sleep Disorders

Educational Technology AND Positive AND Negative

Ray Kurzweil Singularity

Social Media Cultural


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Government & NGO Documents

In addition to academic sources of information, another valuable source of information is government and nongovernmental (NGO) documents.

The best method for accessing such documents is to use Google to search based on Internet domain:

Government of Canada =

Statistics Canada =

Government of British Columbia  =


Add the site:{domain name} at the end of your Google search to limit it to that institution.


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