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Canadian Law & Legislation

This library guide will provide you with information to complete your Canadian criminal law research.

Types of Articles

Academic Articles (or scholarly articles) are published in academic or scholarly journals. Most scholarly articles either present original research or review existing research and related documents to present new findings. Journals are sometimes referred to as periodicals (because they are published periodically - sometimes monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually). A lot of academic journals use a peer-review system before an article is published. Academic articles are intended for an academic or professional audience and use specific language.

News articles might be published in newspapers, magazines, or online. They might be short articles that present brief information about recent events, or they might be longer articles that required in-depth investigation. News articles are usually reviewed by an editor or an editorial team before they are published. They are intended for a broader audience and use more approachable language.

Find Academic Articles

Search in the following databases for articles:

Use Google Scholar to search for Academic Articles. Set up Okanagan College Library using the Library Links option in Google Scholar's settings.

Google Scholar Search

Find News Articles

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