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BUAD 209: Business Law

This library guide will provide you with information to complete your Canadian case law or legislation research.

Legal Citation Standard

McGill Law Journal's Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation is the accepted citation standard in Canada.

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Some Examples

The citation for a case includes the names of the parties, year (in square brackets or round parentheses, depending on the reporter), volume number of the reporter, reporter name, reporter series (if any), first page of decision, jurisdiction and level of court (if not obvious from reporter name).


Acadia Hotels Ltd. vs. Maxine Smith, heard in 1983 by the British Columbia Court of Appeal. Reported in volume 149, page 15 of the 3rd series of the Dominion Law Reports which is published by volume number (round brackets).

Smith v. Acadia Hotels Ltd. (1983), 149 D.L.R. (3rd) 15 (B.C.C.A.) 

Douglas vs. Tucker heard by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1952, published in volume 1, page 275 of the Supreme Court Reports which is published annually [square brackets].

Douglas v. Tucker, [1952] 1 S.C.R. 275

The Queen vs. Zborovsky heard by the Provincial Court of Ontario in 1992. Not published/reported. Found in Quicklaw with the unique number 1723 assigned to it by Quicklaw. Square brackets are used for the year for J decisions in Quicklaw.

R. v. Zborovsky, [1992] O.J. 1723 (Prov. Ct.)

Tjaden, T. (2004) Legal research and writing (2nd ed.). Toronto, ON: Irwin Law.

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