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Free and Fair Trade

A starting point for research on free and fair trade topics.


This guide will help you get started on free and fair trade-specific research. Navigate through the tabs above to find and explore library resources and other information.

The intent of this guide is not to show you all the resources that may be used. Rather, this guide will help you identify some quality resources and provide some direction for your library research.

Free Trade

"in principle, the free movement across borders of goods, services, capital and people. In practice, national policy and regulatory objectives put greater or lesser constraints on the movement of each" (Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms).

"A policy of unrestricted foreign trade, with no tariffs or subsidies on imports or exports, and no quotas or other trade restrictions" (A Dictionary of Economics).

Fair Trade

"It can be a trading system in which rights and obligations are balanced and observed by participants in the system. To others it means trade without reliance on dumping or subsidies" (Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms).

What is fair trade? (Fairtrade Canada)

This guide can be used in conjunction with other BUAD course and subject guides.

Research Strategy

Plan and follow a research strategy - it will save you time and frustration!

Step 1: Define your assignment/project

What do you need to do? What are the most important concepts in your assignment/project?

Step 2: Focus your research

What questions do you want your research to answer? What information do you need to support and develop your ideas?

Step 3: Develop your keywords

What words and phrases describe the areas and concepts you are researching? You will use these words and phrases to search for resources.

Step 4: Identify your resources

Who would collect the information you want and where would that information be published/available?

Start identifying your resources by using OC Library subject and course guides. If you have any questions, just ask!

Good research requires time, planning, patience, and flexibility. This Research, Writing and Citing guide will help you learn more about the research process.

Research strategy adapted from University of B.C.’s David Lam Management Research Library’s Jump-Starting My Research (Undergraduate) guide.

Start your research

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The Library's search engine - OCtopus - provides a single search box that allows users to simultaneously search for books, audio-visual materials, journal articles, journals, and other resources contained in many of the Library's databases. It's the best place to start your research. As your research progresses, you may want to move to searching individual databases for additional resources.

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