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Learning and Teaching Resource LibGuide

Short guide to finding key resources related to learning and teaching using the Okanagan College Library.

Learning and Teaching Resources LibGuide


Welcome to the Learning and Teaching Resource LibGuide. This library guide was created to assist OC faculty and staff in finding relevant materials in the Okanagan College Library Collection and beyond that will help support learning and teaching at Okanagan College. 

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  Learning and Teaching at Okanagan College              

The Okanagan College Library

"The Library promotes student success through the development of critical thinking and independent research skills, and advances teaching and learning by supporting instruction and professional development."  

The Library holds a wide range of resources related to learning and teaching.  When the ILT was first established a small collection of books was created. This collection was eventually donated by the ILT to the Library where it is now maintained and continues to be developed in collaboration with the Library.

Finding resources held by Okanagan College Library
To find books, e-books, media, reference materials, periodical articles (in newspapers, magazines and academic journals), e-journals and other resources related to learning and teaching go to the Library's webpage where:

1.   You can quickly discover a variety of resources by searching OCtopus, the Library's new search engine.

2.   You can search specifically for books and media using the Voyager library catalogue.

3.   You can search specifically for databases that contain articles from journals, e-journals, newspapers, magazines and other e-resources using the Articles and e-resources search.

Note: For information on accessing and downloading electronic resources including e-books, go to the Library's E-Book page.  For more help finding resources in all areas of learning and teaching, go to our Institute of Learning and Teaching LibGuide.

From the ILT Webpage on "Reading and Viewing".

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