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News Sources


A few examples from the Okanagan College APA Style GuideSee the guide for more examples and information.

Newspaper article, No author, Discontinuous pages (p. 200, #10)

Scientists say music manipulates shoppers. (2000, September 14). The Ottawa Citizen, pp. A1, A20.

In text: (“Scientists say,” 2000)

Newspaper article Online (p. 200, #11)

Taylor, P. (2009, October 22). Study finds recession can be good for your health. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved from

In text: (Taylor, 2009)

Magazine article Print (p. 200, #7)

Padgett, T., & Grillo, I. (2008, August 25). Cocaine capital. Time, 172(8), 28-30.

In text: (Padgett & Grillo, 2008)

Magazine article Online (p. 200, #8)

Hutson, B. (2009, August). A unique consumer market. Black Enterprise, 40(1), 52.

Retrieved from http://www

 In text: (Hutson, 2009)

A few examples from the Okanagan College Chicago Manual of Style Guide. See the guide for more examples and information.

Newspaper article

Bibliography: “Bull and the Gun.” Edmonton Journal, August 18, 1990, G1-G2.

Note: “Bull and the Gun,” Edmonton Journal, August 18, 1990, G1.


If you have cited several articles from a newspaper, do not cite each article separately in the bibliography. Provide the name of the newspaper and the date range consulted: New York Times, September 1977-August 1980.

Magazine article


Tetlock, Philip E. and Dan Gardner, “Doctors without Science: A Brief History of Quackery, From

Leeches to Ostrich Eggs.” The Walrus, December 2015.

MacQueen, Ken, and Michael Friscolanti. "Who gets to be Canadian?" Maclean's. October 19, 2015.


Philip E. Tetlock and Dan Gardner, “Doctors without Science: A Brief History of Quackery, From Leeches to

Ostrich Eggs,” The Walrus, December 2015,

Ken MacQueen and Michael Friscolanti, "Who gets to be Canadian?," Maclean's, October 19, 2015,


Weekly and monthly magazines are usually cited by date only, even if they have volume and issue numbers. Cite the specific page in your note, but do not include the page range in the bibliography. 

A few examples from the Okanagan College MLA Style GuideSee the guide for more examples and information.

Newspaper article, signed (see 5.4.5 add city for local paper, discontinuous pages)

Plant, Don. “Kokanee Fishery Returns for Second Year.” Daily Courier [Kelowna] 2 May 2007: A1+. Print.

Parenthetical: (Plant A3)

Newspaper article, unsigned, HTML in database (see 5.4.5 & 5.6.4)

“Okanagan Lake Snags Trial Fishery.” Penticton Western News. 13 May 2007: 5. Canadian Newsstream. Web. 13 

Oct. 2010.

Parenthetical: (“Okanagan”)

Magazine article, bimonthly, PDF in database (see 5.4.6 & 5.6.4)

Jones, Kent. “Body and Soul: The Cinema of Atom Egoyan.” Film Comment Jan.-Feb. 1998: 32-39. ABI/INFORM

Complete. Web.13 Oct. 2010.

Parenthetical: (Jones 35)

Magazine article, weekly, HTML in database (see 5.4.6 & 5.6.4)

Egoyan, Atom. “Atom’s Oscar Diary.” Maclean’s 6 Apr. 1998: n. pag. MAS Ultra. Web. 13 Oct. 2010.

Parenthetical: (Egoyan) 

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