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CMNS 120 -- Introduction to Journalism Studies

Truth in Journalism: A yawning matter?

"There once was a finance minister in Ottawa who talked about his credibility as if he were describing his bank account. "Every politican starts his career with a full stock of credibility," he would say, "and the trick is to spend it as slowly as possible."

In journalism the process is reversed.  The predecessors of contemporary journalism were, with a few exceptions, a scruffy bunch; and journalists still must earn their credibility, penny by penny, in the knowledge that they can lose it irretrievably, at any time in their carrers, on one bad story."

Desbarats, P. (1982). Truth in journalism: a yawning matter?.  In Zwicker, B. & MacDonald, D. (Eds.) The news: inside Canadian media (p.7). Ottawa, ON: Deneau Publishers.

What we will cover today

  1. Introduction to the Library
  2. Planning Your Search -- The research Cycle
  3. Scholarly vs. Non Scholarly Information
  4. Library Resources vs. Google
  5. Recommended Starting Points
  6. Citing the Information You Use
  7. Getting More Help

Is this Journalism?

Is it the role of journlists to report on the news or to make news?

Worth Reading

Dahmen, N. (2010). CONSTRUCTION OF THE TRUTH AND DESTRUCTION OF A MILLION LITTLE PIECES. Journalism Studies, 11(1), 115-130. doi:10.1080/14616700903172080

Steep, C. (2009). THE QUALITY-CONTROL QUANDARY. American Journalism Review, 31(2), 42-47.

Phillips, A. (2010). TRANSPARENCY AND THE NEW ETHICS OF JOURNALISM. Journalism Practice, 4(3), 373-382. doi:10.1080/17512781003642972


The Church of Kopimism has been officially registered by the Swedish government, and it hopes to prevent the persecution of file-sharers.

Sweden gives digital piracy advocate religion status Times - Colonist [Victoria, B.C] 15 Jan 2012: D.8.




Famous Journalism Hoaxes

The Museum of Hoaxes was established in 1997. It explores deception, mischief, and misinformation throughout history.

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