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Human Service Work - Salmon Arm

This guide will help Human Service Work (HSW) students find information in the OC Library collection and on the Internet.

Essential info:

  • E-books and e-articles are often available full text online.  Sometimes you have to sign in with your student number  -  300******@stu.oc and your password.  Occasionally they aren't full text and have to be requested through Delivery on Demand.


  • If a book is located at a campus you can request the book through -

           Delivery on Demand

OR phone the campus library:

Kelowna - 250 - 862 - 5452

Penticton - 250 - 490 - 3951

Salmon Arm - 250 - 804 - 8851

Vernon - 250 - 503 - 2654


If you need help with writing your paper OR any learning assistance, please contact the fantastic, friendly people at the Learning and Success Centres.  

(Click on the above link and scroll down - click on your favorite campus - and link to a helpful Human.)

Let's get started on your research

Write down your claim, argument, considerations for your topic. 

Examples of topics for Individual Research Papers:

Schizophrenia; depression; bipolar; anxiety disorders (i.e. panic disorder, agoraphobia, social phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, somatization, hypochondria/illness anxiety) posttraumatic stress disorder; substance abuse disorders; eating disorders; personality disorders (i.e.: paranoid, schizoid, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic,  avoidant, dependent); sleep disorders; pathological gambling; dissociative disorders; delirium; attention deficit hyperactive disorder; pedophilia and other sexual dysfunction disorders; and others.

‚óŹ Identify keywords from your proposed topic that could help you find information. Brainstorm synonyms,   
    related ideas, broader terms, narrower terms for these keywords. Combine these keywords in your search.
    Mix and match the synonyms to expand your search. 

Example of a topic or question one is researching:
What are the risk factors of eating disorders in males?

Keyword Concept 1


Keyword Concept 2


Keyword Concept 3

eating disorders




risk factors

body dissatisfaction


men or boys or males


body image


body dysmorphic disorder


        NB.   Truncation of keywords can help expand your search.  
                 To truncate a word place an asterisk at the end of the root of the word as in:  
                                  dismorph*  will find dismorphia ; dismorphic ; dismorphobia ; dismorphobic


The Research Process

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