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APA Citation

Three reasons to cite

1. Give credit where credit is due

Every time you use someone else's ideas or words, you need to give them credit. Whether you are paraphrasing or quoting, and no matter where you find the information (journal article, book, Wikipedia, website, etc.), you must cite your sources. It is plagiarism if you use someone else's ideas or words without crediting them.

Sometimes plagiarism is unintentional. Please visit the Library's Avoiding Plagiarism guide to be sure you understand plagiarism.

2. Help your reader find your sources

By citing, you are providing your reader with the necessary information to locate your sources.

3. Lend credibility to your arguments

Citing sources demonstrates that your arguments are solid, and backed up by other research.

Check out this page on evaluating sources or Cornell's guide Critically Analyzing Information Sources to help determine the credibility of your sources.


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