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CMNS 122 - Professional Writing Il - Vernon

Statistics Canada

         Statistics Canada
         Need to know how to find the following demographic information for various geographic areas:
         Ages   Visible Minorities    Education level     Number of disabled      Gender     Employed/unemployed
         (this information can be found at the STATS CANADA page under the “Census Program” TAB)       

         “CENSUS PROGRAMS” tab
          From here search by city:

         “SUBJECT” tab select ‘Health”          Then Disabilities  > Canadian Survey on Disability, 2017

          Canadian Survey on Disability
          Canadian Survey on Disability, 2017  (scroll down this page to find for example income profile of Canadians
          with disabilities).
          Persons with and without disabilities aged 15 years and over, by age, group and sex, Canada Provinces and   

        “SUBJECT” tab select ‘Immigration and ethnocultural diversity’   (Found Visible minorities here as well)

        “SUBJECT” tab  ‘Household spending’
         Survey of Household Spending
         Spending Patterns in Canada (62-202-X)

         Survey of HS, 2017
         Released: 2018-12-12

           Detailed food spending, Canada, regions and provinces     

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