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MLA Citation Style


The Sweet Hereafter. Directed by Atom Egoyan, eOne Films, 1997.

In-text: (The Sweet Hereafter 00:26:14-38).

Note: "For works in time-based media, such as audio and video recordings, cite the relevant time or ranges of time" (MLA 57).

DVD, commentary

Smith, John N, director. "Director's Commentary." The Englishman's Boy, CBC Home Video, 2008.

In-text: (Smith 00:02:20-25).  

DVD, focusing on contributions of an actor, director or other

Christie, Julie, performer. Hamlet. Castle Rock Entertainment, 2006.  

In-text: (Christie 00:28:21-38).

Note: "If your discussion of such a work focuses on the contribution of a particular person - say, the performance of an actor or the ideas of the screenwriter - begin the entry with his or her name, followed by a descriptive label" (MLA 24).

"If a source such as a film, television episode, or performance has many contributors, include the ones most relevant to your project" (MLA 38).


"Now Everyone Can Write a Song."The Spark with Nora Young, CBC Radio, 12 Mar. 2017,

In-text: ("Now Everyone" 00:06:10-50).

Streaming video from a library database

The Sweet Hereafter. Directed by Atom Egoyan, eOne Films, 1997. Criterion-on-Demand,

In-text: (The Sweet Hereafter 00:26:14-38).

Netflix, streaming through app

The Crown. Netflix app, Left Bank Pictures/Sony Pictures Television Production UK, 2016.

Example taken from Ask MLA: Citing Apps.

Streaming video on a website 

SenecaLibraries. "Information Literacy at Seneca Libraries." YouTube, 27 Mar. 2015,

In-text: (SenecaLibraries 00:01:22-50).

Note: "When documenting a work in film or television, you should generally cite the organization that had the overall responsibility for it" in the Publisher container (MLA 41).

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