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GSWS 215: Gender & Popular Culture

This course examines how women are represented in a variety of genres in popular culture (for example, television, advertising, music, fiction, film and the Internet). Students will engage in an analysis of the historical, social and cultural contexts.


JournalsJournals are like magazines except the articles are written by researchers.Peer-reviewed journals have articles checked for accuracy and reliability by other scholars and experts in the field.

Databases provide access to articles that are unavailable on the open Internet. Article databases contain both popular & scholarly articles, and they are used to find journal, magazine and newspaper articles. Although they deliver content online, they are paid for through library subscriptions. Some databases only include descriptions (citations and/or abstracts) of articles with an interlibrary loan request link (a free service for students and staff).


Strategies for finding articles:

  • Use OCtopus for a 'Google-like' experience
  • Use a specific database, such as Social Sciences with full text, that will only contain information related to your subject area.
  • Search within a relevant journal. For example, if you want sources on culture, searching within a journal such as "Culture and Society", would help focus a search.

Articles from academic journals, newspapers, magazines, and other publications can be found in indexes and databases. OC Library subscribes to more than 100 article databases that are not available on the free web.

Use article reference lists to find other similar articles

Use database limiters, such as date or resource type, to get fewer, more focused search results

Highlighted E-Journals

Look up journals by title here

Explore & Find Articles in PUBLIC Databases (Freely Available)

Articles from academic journals, digital archives and other publications can be found in select databases and indexes that provide free public access. Usually these sources are subsidized by government agencies, non-profits, or private companies

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