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Practical Nursing

How to Search

Global Search Box

* wild card phrase (same as OCtopus searching)
Filters on the left, content types

  • Drop-down Drugs & Conditions - ("Low back pain". Arthritis)
    • Canadian statistics and pathophysiology, therapeutic choices, suggested readings, linked references
  • Tip! Uncheck limits  or they will stick for the next search

Menu Bar Options

  • Drugs (ie. Naloxone/Narcan, Gleevec)
  • Full monograph - Left menu Table of Contents
  • Information for Patient (Patient Medication Information) (Summary, printable version)
    • Can Select specific elements only to print
    • Includes product image

Menu Tabs


  • Clinical Information
    • Interactive Clinical Tools - Calculations & Dosing Tools, drug administration and food (ie. Grapefruit) 
    • Topics - Drugs in breastfeeding and/or pregnancy, complementary and alternative therapies
  • Product Identification Tool - More than 1500 Canadian product images
    • Tablet, round, orange, scored
    • Tip! If you click the drug name, will not take you to the drug product monograph, you have to enter it into the global search box
  • Drug Interactions - Verify drug interactions and allergies
    • Drugs - Diazepam
    • Oxycodone and Ibuprofen (then click analyze)


  • Therapeutic Choices
    • Body system --> eye disorders --> glaucoma
    • Alphabetical --> Acute bronchitis
  • Minor Ailments - Information for patients (ie. conditions, cold sores)
    • Alphabetical (ie. Cold Sores)
    • Body system, gastrointestinal, assessment...


  • Directories - Poison control centres, health organizations, support societies (with web links)
  • Glossaries - Medical abbreviations
  • Calculators - Body surface area and body weight


  • Advisories will pop-up at the top of drug monograph
  • ie. Talc and ovarian cancer

APA Citation

  • Example on LibGuide or APA Guide
  • Drug Monograph from CPS Full Access database:

Canadian Pharmacists Association. (2016, February 19). Atacand. CPS Full Access.


  • First citation
    (Canadian Pharmacists Association [CPhA], 2016)
  • Subsequent citations
    (CPhA, 2016)
  • Drug monograph from CPS Full Access mobile app

Reference List

Canadian Pharmacists Association. (2016, February 19). Atacand. In CPS Full Access (Version [Mobile app]. Google Play Store.

In Text, first citation

(Canadian Pharmacists Association [CPhA], 2016)

In Text, subsequent citations

(CPhA, 2016)

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