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Research Skills: Bridging the Gap Between High School and Post-Secondary LibGuide

Transitioning from School to Higher Education.


Recent surveys indicate there is a widening gap between the information literacy skills of high school students and the information literacy skills expectations post-secondary professors have of first-year university students.

In response to this growing concern, a high school teacher-librarian and a college librarian collaborated on the joint production of the video Research Skills: Bridging the Gap Between High School & Post-Secondary. The film
features interviews of six university professors discussing their research skills expectations are of first year students. The interviews confirm the results of ongoing studies and reports on information literacy and the significant gap between high school and first year university students’ preparedness for post-secondary education. 


Research Skills Film:  DVD     [16min]   
Research Skills: Blog 

ALA Transitions to College Map


- Support the collaborative efforts of teacher-librarians and post-secondary 
  librarians as they strive to explore ways of bridging the information literacy 
  gap between high school and college/university.

- Bring together useful information on the current state of bridging the gap
  between high school and post-secondary. 

- Create strategies for promoting collaborative change in the bridging process.

- Help foster cooperation and collaboration in the development and   promotion of information literacy education from K-20.

- Help plan and implement the next steps for awareness of research skills 
  amongst the educational community. 

The Okanagan College Library Mission Statement

"The Library promotes student success through the development of critical thinking and independent research skills, and advances teaching and learning by supporting instruction and professional development."                                                            


The film project Research Skills: Bridging the Gap between High School and Post Secondary (2010) was the catalyst for this LibGuide and subsequent explorations of transition from school to post-secondary issues and concerns. The film project has helped further identify where information literacy shortfalls lie between school and higher education, and as well, has assisted in promoting an awareness and intervention, through collaborative strategies, the continuing development of teaching and learning of information literacy skills in high school coursework and curricula in preparation for post-secondary education. 

Research Skills: The Film Project (2010) [16min]  DVD     
The original goal of the film Research Skills (2010) was to create an impactful means of advocating for teacher-librarians in the local school district while reiterating the importance of teaching information literacy skills in high schools in preparation for post secondary education.  The film has subsequently stimulated discussions amongst high school teacher-librarians and post-secondary librarians in a variety of venues as we continue to explore collaborative bridging opportunities within school districts. (See FILM PROJECT tab in this guide. Barton, Sigalet & Tessier)

Research Skills: The Survey (2011)
Based on the interview questions from film project and grounded in the ACRL Information Literacy Standards, an institutional survey was conducted to further investigate the research skills expectations college professors have of first year students via an institutional survey at Okanagan College.   (See SURVEY tab in this guide. (Savage & Sigalet)

BOOK: Informed Transitions

2013 1610691288 978-1610691284
(see TAB "Informed Transitions")


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