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Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial

A tutorial to help you learn about and avoid plagiarism in your academic work.


The readings and video in this section should take approximately 5 minutes.

Tips for Time Management

Managing your time well is an important element of success.  If you set priorities that fit your needs and lifestyle, you'll have a better chance of achieving your goals.  Here are 8 great strategies to make good use of your time.

Make a To-Do List Every Day.

Whether on paper, your phone, or a Google Doc, put things that are most important at the top and do them first. 

Keep Your Work with You.

When you’re taking the bus or between classes, use the time to get some reading done.

It's Okay to Say No.

If your friend asks you to go to a movie on a Tuesday night and you have an exam the next morning, realize that it's okay to say no. Keep your short- and long-term priorities in mind.

Identify Your Productive Time.

You'll work more efficiently if you figure out when you do your best work. For example, if your brain handles math better in the afternoon, don't wait to do it until late at night.

Schedule a Dedicated Study Time.

Devote some time everyday to studying or homework. Reviewing your notes daily will reinforce what you've learned. Turn off your phone to really make good use of the time.

Budget Your Time.

Reflect on how much time you usually spend on your school work and regular activities and then create a weekly schedule to follow. Having a schedule will help you determine if you can take on any new commitments.

Don't Get Sidetracked.

Refer to your to-do list if you start to feel like you are wasting time on something unimportant. If you have questions about an assignment, don't delay in asking your instructor. Instead of agonizing and procrastinating over your schoolwork, just do it.

Get a Good Night's Sleep.

Your brain needs rest to perform at its peak. Lack of sleep makes the day seem longer and your tasks seem more difficult.


Adapted from CollegeBoard.

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