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Basic Research and Citation Guide

Background Information

After you've chosen a topic to research, you will need to search for information that will introduce you to the topic. Background sources provide you with:

Important dates or events; definitions; keywords; introduction to main issues; list of sources to start research

General Encyclopedias

Using Internet Sources - A place to start but not to finish

Using Google to start your research process is a good way to get general information quickly.  You can use websites, blogs, and Wikipedia to get general ideas about a topic, and to help frame your research strategy.  

However, the problem with internet sources is that it's difficult to verify the information. Starting your research on Google is fine, but use the library resources to complete your search! 

Tips for using Wikipedia

1) Use the "Reference" section at the bottom to see where the information came from.  These may be quality sources you can use for your research.

2) Scroll through the page to find key people and concepts (which may be highlighted links).  These can be used as search terms and additional exploring.

3) Use highlighted links to jump to related pages, to help give you a sense of the bigger picture.

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