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BUAD 209 Business Law

This library guide will provide you with information to complete your Canadian case law or legislation research.

Identify the issues 

Read secondary research (legal commentary published in journals, newspapers etc.) to define and understand the issues you will be researching. Secondary research will often point you in the direction of useful case law and applicable legislation

The following resources provide legal commentary. You can search these resources using the keywords you generated from your facts, and they will point you towards "legal terminology," case names, legislations and other resources.


Journal Articles - Provide an in-depth analysis of an issue.

Law Firm Newsletters - Provide comments for the lay person on recent legal developments.

Newspapers/Magazines - Report on current events including legal cases.

Current Awareness

Free online sources

The following sources may be used to find articles or blog posts about recent legal issues and cases. Many law firms publish blogs which discuss recent cases.

Library databases

Search in library databases for legal news. 

Legal Blogs, Websites
Library Databases

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