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BUAD 209 Business Law

This library guide will provide you with information to complete your Canadian case law or legislation research.


The purpose of this guide is to pull together useful information, tutorials, videos and links to help you with your research.

Navigate through the tabs to the left as needed while you work through your project.


Legal Research Process

The FILAC approach to legal research was identified my Maureen Fitgerald:


FACTS - What are the facts, which facts are relevant? (See FACT Situation Research for more)

ISSUES - Identify the legal issues. Use secondary research to define and understand the issues you will be researching. Secondary research will often point you in the direction of useful case law and applicable legislation. 

LAW - Find case law and/or legislation that applies to the issue or fact situation you are researching. 

ANALYSIS - Apply law to the facts. Keep your research current by noting up

CONCLUSION - Communicate the results and remember to cite your sources.


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