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IEEE Citation Style

Conference Proceeding

Author(s) First name or initials. Surname, "Title of paper," presented at the Name of the Conference, City of Conference abbreviated if from US, State, Year where the conference was held.


Print Copy of Conference Paper with Full Title

[26] A. H. Cookson and B. O. Pedersen, "Thermal measurements in a 1200kV compressed gas insulated transmission line," in Seventh IEEE Power Engineering Society Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, 1979, pp. 163-167.

Conference paper with Year in Conference Title Acronym

[27] A. Sekercioglu, A. Pitsillides, and P. Ioannou, “A simulation study on the performance of integrated switching strategy for traffic management in ATM networks,” in Proc. IEEE Symp. Comput. and Commun.(ISCC’98), June, pp. 13–18.

Online Conference Paper with DOI

[28] B. Sun, J. Feng and L. Liu,“A study on how to construct the prediction model of library lending of university library,” in  2011 Int. Conf. Inform. Sci. and Technology (ICIST), pp. 385-389. doi: 10.1109/ICIST.2011.5765273

Online Conference Paper with a URL and no DOI

[29] X. Yang. (2003, Aug.). NIRA: a new Internet routing architecture. Presented at ACM SIGCOMM FDNA 2003 Workshop. [Online]. Available:





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