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GEOG 224 - The Canadian Landscape

Course LibGuide for the Canadian Landscape course.

Off Campus Access

The OC Library's online resources are licensed by the library for students, faculty, and staff to use. These resources require that you access them from the OC Library website, which has built-in authentication when you are on campus and requires that you authenticate, using your myOkanagan username and password when you are accessing these resources from the OC Library webpage when you are off campus. 

If You See This Meesage in your Search Results

If you see a message such as the one below (there may be different versions of this message), when performing an OCtopus search it's an indication that you need to authenticate to access this resource.

Image of informing User they need to log in to access the library resource.

To authenticate from within OCtopus, either by clicking on the Login link on the main OCtopus Search Engine

Or go to the OCtopus Advance Search webpage and use Login to My Account option by entering your myOkanagan Username and Password.

Image show the User where to click in order log-in when using OCtopus Search Engine

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