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OC Library Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice (EDISJ)

This guide outlines the Okanagan College Library EDISJ Committee's mission, EDISJ goals, and recommended EDISJ-related resources.

Long Term Goals (2025-2027)

Goal  Area of Responsibility Action(s) Progress
1. Translations and other accessible formats are proactively made available for library materials. (GDEIB 9.14)  Library Accessibility Committee    
2. When the library develops plans or initiatives relating to sustainability, it will incorporate EDISJ principles and center the ways in which people with less privilege are disproportionately impacted by climate change and climate disasters.  Library EDISJ Committee    
3. The library partners with other organizations that work to advance the rights of underrepresented groups in the community. (GDEIB 12.12)  Library EDISJ Committee    
4. The librarian responsible for assessment will integrate research and user group testing to help analyze how different patron groups and cultures may perceive, value, and use the library’s materials and services. (GDEIB 13.11)  Assessment & Data Services Librarian    
5. Diverse groups of library users and potential library users are surveyed to help shape spaces, services, and communications. (GDEIB 14.10)  Assessment & Data Services Librarian    
6. The library successfully incorporates strategies for the delivery of materials and services to meet the needs of diverse users. (GDEIB 14.5)  Library EDISJ Committee and Library Accessibility Committee    
7. All library marketing materials, including images and language are reflective of the commitment to EDISJ. (GDEIB 14.6)  Library EDISJ committee    
8. All library communications and service processes (e.g., interactions at a library service desk or interlibrary loan requests or LibCal bookings) are fully accessible. (GDEIB 14.9)  Library Accessibility Committee    


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