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History 220-011 History of Space Exploration

This LibGuide is designed to assist students enrolled in HIST 220 in completing their research for their course assignments.

Primary Sources for Historical Research

In History, a primary source is a work, document or record created at the time of an event or by a person who directly witnessed or experienced that event. Primary sources are contemporary, first-hand accounts or descriptions of events, people, things or environments.

  • Examples:

    • diaries, photographs, letters, journals, newspaper articles

    • government documents (ex. census forms, military service records, school attendance records)

    • creative works (ex. songs, poems, paintings, novels).

Owen, Jared.  3D Animations Information on the LEM camera starts at  4:25



National Defense Education Act (NDEA)

The Impact of the Cold War on the U.S. Space Program

Starfish Prime

1967 Outer Space Treaty (OST)

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