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Local Interest Collection

Information about the resources within Okanagan College Library's Local Interest Collection and how to access this collection.

Online Search Tips

  • Using the library's catalogue, you can narrow your search to only items in the Local Interest Collection, rather than searching through all the books and media that the library owns! See the first slideshow to the right for more information.
  • If you can't find relevant resources with your keywords (the words you type into the search bar), this does not mean that no resources exist.
    • If you used multiple keywords, try using only one of them at a time instead.
    • If you used one keyword, think about synonyms for that word you could try. An author may not have used the same term you did, so the book will not appear in the search results!
  • Items in the catalogue are often tagged with subject headings. These are special keywords that come from a pre-made list, ensuring that all the books about a certain subject have the same subject headings attached. This makes the items easier to find. See the second slideshow to the right for more information.
  • Searching in the catalogue will not return individual article titles that are in the newspapers and magazines in this collection, because only the main titles of these materials have been entered into the catalogue. You may need to browse through the issues of the magazines and newspapers to find the information you need.

In Person Search Tips

  • If you find an item that is very useful to you, check out materials near it on the shelf. They will have a similar call number, which means they will have a similar topic. Check in the circulating collection upstairs in the same call number range for a book you can take home.
  • Use indexes in books to quickly see if the book covers your research topic. Some books might provide reference lists that you can use for further reading.
  • Have a question? Ask a librarian at the Research Help Desk, which is located in front of the Local Interest Collection room. 


More British Columbian Resources

Check out the below databases (collections of resources) for more historical information about the Okanagan region.

For more historical research, check out the list of other databases related to history. Databases with the Open Access symbol are free for everyone to use. Other databases are limited to students, faculty, and staff of Okanagan College.

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