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Wine Research Guide

This guide contains descriptions of and links to resources for students doing research about wine and wineries at Okanagan College.

First, identify the key terms in your research topic or question: Are cluster marketing practices effective for small wineries?

Then, brainstorm synonyms for the keywords or phrases that can be used in a search engine:

"cluster marketing" "small winery" effective
cluster* "boutique winery" successful
  winery effectual

Research tips

  • Only use words that add value to the search (don't type in full phrases or questions that include words like "are" or "the") 
  • “Truncating” words can help expand your search. Placing an asterisk at the end of the root of the word:  vine* will find vineyard + vine + their plural forms
  • Multi-word concepts, such as “biodynamic viticulture”, need quotation marks to search the words as one phrase
  • You can use three words called Boolean Operators to improve your search: AND, OR, NOT

Keywords and Subject Headings

Try using this keyword string in a search:

grape* OR wine* OR vine*

and use any of these keywords on the next line of an advanced search:

sales, marketing, management, oenology, ferment*, technique*, blend, tast*, aroma, etc.

Add a country name or region on the third line of an advanced search to further narrow your results.

Try any of these subject headings in a subject keyword search:

Wine--Flavor and odor.

Wine and wine making.

Wine industry.


Wine tasting.

Wine tourism.

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