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BUAD 200 Digital Marketing

Tips for searching library databases

individual words or short phrases: "apple inc" AND pricing AND laptops (as opposed to: what is apple's pricing strategy for laptops?)

synonyms and related words: smartphone could be "mobile device", iphone, cellular, etc....

quotations marks: search for phrases: "mobile phone", "apple inc.", etc.

asterisk: * variations of a word: brand* will bring back brand, brands, branding

5 places to look for business information

Business News: newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The National Post. Many have online content for free but limit some articles for subscribers. Many library databases provide full access to these newspapers. 

Trade publications: Written by people working in an industry, for other in the same industry. Limit to 'Trade publications' when searching in OCtopus and Business Source Complete.

Company websites: Public companies are generally easier to research as they must disclose certain types of information. Look for annual reports, which might provide information about strategy and direction

Government: Government sites can provide stats on industries and consumers.

Researchers: Often the most expensive type of reports can be found within our library databases. These are the types of reports you will not find for free on Google!

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