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Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies Research Guide

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There are a few different ways to connect with the library if you need help. The About OC Library page provides:

  • library hours for in-person assistance;
  • a list of departments and their liaison librarians;
  • link to make an appointment (in-person and/or online options available);
  • link to the AskAway online chat service;
  • contact info for all librarians; and
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You can also send us an email through the Ask the Library page.

Fact Sheet Assignment

Create a fact sheet about a topic related to gender, women's studies and sexualities. Your face sheet should be exactly 2 pages. Citations should be on a third page. Your fact sheet may not be longer or shorter; it is two pages because this would serve as a helpful handout for community agencies. This is the kind of document you would produce for a workplace. Your fact sheet will present credible data in a way that narrates a contemporary social issue. That is, your presentation of data tells a story. It should be focused, organized, and thorough. You may present it in point form, in graphs, in charts, or images. Any writing must be grammatically correct. Look carefully at the sample fact sheets on the class Moodle. Each fact sheet must include: a definition of terms, at least two visual representations of data, at least three credible source citations, and enough reliable information to present a basic level of knowledge on the topic. Sources should be footnoted so they don't take up space on the page.

Choose one of these topics:

  • Gender, Race, and Workplace Safety in Canada
  • Gender, poverty, and menstrual health in Canada
  • Gender, Race, and Immigration to Canada
  • Gender, Race, and Asylum Seeking to Canada
  • Gender, Disability, and Poverty in Canada
  • Gender, race, and sports in Canada
  • Gender, Race, and executive leadership in Canada
  • Gender and Indigenous Governance in Canada
  • Trans Rights in Canada
  • Conversion Therapy Laws in Canada
  • Gender, Race, and Incarceration in Canada
  • Gender, Race, and Post-Secondary Education Access in Canada
  • Gender, Race, and Toxic Drug Supply in Canada
  • Race, Geography, and Access to Abortion in Canada
  • Race, Gender, and Reporting of Sexual Violence in Canada

Data & Statistics Resources

Resources for Finding Reports

Other Resources

Citing & Referencing Sources

Students should also review OC's avoiding plagiarism tutorial.

Cite Reports

Cite images, visual works, data and tables

Dictionary & encyclopedia articles

Specialized library or data and statistics databases

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