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COVID-19 - Statistics Canada Data & Articles

Statistics Canada data & articles on the impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian society

How was the Data Collected

The COVID-19 Data was collected using an entirely new collection tool developed by Statistics Canada, known as the Canadian Perspectives Survey Series (CPSS)

The CPSS is a new data collection methodology that is designed to gather data more rapidly than a traditional Statistics Canada Survey,

  • It was conducted online using the Internet; 
  • It is designed to produce data at a national level (Territories are excluded from the CPSS);
  • The survey population was selected from Canadians who already participate in the Labour Force Survey (LFS), with each respondent participating in several short online surveys over a period of a year - this allowed for the sharing of administrative data such as names, demographic characteristics, etc., between the two surveys, rather having to be recollected by the CPSS;
  • Response to the survey is voluntary - the targeted response rate for each survey in the series is 60%; and 
  • Each Survey in the series is performed once a month, with data collection lasting approximately a week.

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