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News Sources

About News Sources

What are "news sources"?

  • Newspapers in print form (e.g. Vernon Morning Star)
  • Newswire services such as Reuters (these services sell articles to newspapers, as well as distributing news from their own websites)
  • Online news sites corresponding to, but not identical to, print newspapers (e.g. Vancouver Sun)
  • Websites of television news services (e.g. CNN)
  • Government press releases and online news sites
  • Newsletters of organizations like NGOs, churches, clubs, companies, interest groups, both print and electronic

Why are newspapers and news sources useful for academic work?

  • News sources can provide the most up-to-date information for some topics, such as recent events, policy speeches by government officials, etc.
  • News sources provide access to local or organizational news that may not be covered elsewhere
  • Editorials provide analysis and opinions on news and events
  • Eyewitness accounts of events as reported in news articles and offer information or opinions not found in other places
  • For historical research, news sources can provide insight into the social and political life of a particular time period, and can offer little-known details of historical events; even advertisements and obituaries can add to our understanding of an era

News Formats

Print: OC Libraries maintain small collections of print newspapers, usually only for a set period of time (for example, the last 4 months).

Microform: Older issues of many newspapers are available on microfilm or microfiche, and are housed in the designated microform areas at each campus library. Microform readers are also available. 

Databases: Articles from many local, Canadian, and international newspapers can be accessed from the Library’s subscription databases. Use keywords to search within many newspapers at once.

Web-based (free and online): Many newspapers provide some free access to their latest issue online. However, the online version usually differs from the print version, and access to past issues is often by subscription only. There are also many reputable online only news sources.

Local Area Files: OC Libraries maintain files of newspaper clippings on a variety of subjects pertaining to the Okanagan region. These can be searched in the Library Catalogue using keywords, or can be  browsed in each Library.

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