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News Sources

APA magazine and newspaper articles


Author, A. A. (Year). Title of article: Subtitle of article. Title of Magazine or Newspaper, volume(issue), page numbers. https://...

Magazine article 

Brainard, J. (2020, March 13). Publishers try out alternative pathways to open access. Science, 367(6483), 1179.


Bouw, B. (2020, March). Making money work for you - and the planet: Younger investors are demanding their investments be a force for good, and big finance is listening. Maclean's, 133(2), 73-75.

Newspaper article 

Richard, J. (2020, February 16). Happily never after - the truth of fairy tale romances. The Vancouver Sun.

News website

Deer, J. (2020, March 8). Celebrating Indigenous women who are reclaiming or revitalizing their languages. CBC.

News websites do not have a daily/weekly newspaper. For more examples see APA Style: Webpage on a website references.

MLA magazine and news articles

Available on the Web, no page numbers

Panetta, Alex. "The Coming Automation Disruption." Maclean's, 19 Mar. 2017,

In-text: (Panetta).


Marlan, Tori. "Universally Undocumented: The Catch-22 World of Canadian Residents Who Aren't Citizens of Any Country." The Walrus, Apr. 2017, pp. 20-22.

In-text: (Marlan 20).

Print editorial

James, Nick. "Alive, Alive Oh!" Sight and Sound, vol. 27, no. 4, Apr. 2017, p. 5. Editorial.

In-text: (James).

See Ask the MLA, Citing an Editorial; and, Ask the MLA, Volume and Issue Numbers in Magazines.

From a library database, with page numbers

Ash, Kelly. "The Big Decision: Which University is for You?" The Globe and Mail, 23 Oct. 2015, p. 36. Canadian Major  Dailies,

In-text: (Ash).

Non-consecutive pages

Plant, Don. "Kokanee Fishery Returns for Second Year." Daily Courier [Kelowna], 2 May 2007, pp. A1+.

In-text: (Plant A1).

Chicago magazine and news articles

Citation help

Check the Okanagan College Style Guides (APA, Chicago, MLA) to create citations for news sources.

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