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About Local Area Files

Kelowna 1984 - 2020; Penticton 1994 - 2020; Vernon 1980s - current.

Local Area Files include mainly local newspaper articles. Articles about Okanagan College (OC) as well as a wide of local cultural, social, economic and environmental issues relevant to OC courses and programs are  included. File contents may vary between campus libraries and each campus selects articles appropriate to their area within the College region. Library of Congress subject headings are used so files can be listed and searched in the OC Library catalogue. Whenever possible subject headings for Local Area Files include a geographical designation.

Examples of Local Area Files include articles on past and present OC faculty (e.g. John Lent), engineering and environmental issues such as landslides, water-supply, forest fires and endangered species, social issues such as migrant agricultural laborers, prostitution and the homeless, economic issues such as wineries, wine tourism and real estate development, and culture (e.g. Okanagan Symphony). 

Search help

Search the Local Area Files through the Library Catalogue (limit by location on the left side of the page) to find local newspaper clippings on topics related to Okanagan College courses. 

Or, browse the clippings located in the library.

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