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Pharmacy Technician

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Citing CPS (RxTx)

CPS does not provide specific recommendations for how to cite their content in APA format. Okanagan College Library recommends the following to Pharmacy Technician students when citing material from CPS in APA.


Author, A. (Year). Title of article. In CPS full access.

Following the template, the citation for the endometriosis entry would then appear as:

Gilliland, G. B. (2021). Endometriosis. In CPS full access.

Locating URLs for CPS Content

It can be difficult to find the URL for specific entries in CPS, as the URL in the location bar remains consistent regardless of the content you have opened.

One strategy for locating URLs is pictured in the screenshot below. Right-clicking on the tab in which your content appears and selecting the 'open in a new window' option will reveal the unique URL to that specific page.

Right-click the tab that contains the content you are citing and open in a new window

Opening the tab in a new window will reveal the URL that your reader can follow to find the specific page you have cited.

CPS content opened in a new window reveals the URL specific to that content

APA Style

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