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Social Work Research Guide

Website Search Tips

Tips for website searching; search for a specific type of website by adding a suffix to your search, such as .edu for university and college websites in the USA or .org for organization websites; search for specific file types by adding filetype: followed by .pdf, .doc or other file types; find sites that are similar to ones you already found by typing in related: followed by the website URL of the site you found; search for content on a specific website by typing in your keywords, then site: followed by that website's URL.

Social work association websites

British Columbia associations
  • BC Association of Social Workers - Professional association of social workers in British Columbia and promote the profession of social work. Works to social work practice and values to create a just and compassionate society.
  • BC College of Social Workers - BCCSW is the regulatory body for the practice of social work in British Columbia. Their mission is to serve and protect the public by superintending the practice of social work in British Columbia. The College maintains an online registry of all social workers authorized to practice as Registered Social Workers. 
Canadian associations

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