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Online Canadian News Sources

These are some of Canada's top news outlets. You can use your keywords to search within them.

Finding Government Sources

To find Canadian government sources in Google:

  • add to only get results from the government of Canada
  • add to only get results from Statistics Canada
  • add to get results from the BC government

Navigate to these sites directly:

Cautions on the Web

Use a search engine and limit to "news" to find news articles quickly, but beware: it may be from an unreliable "news" source. Look carefully at the URL and title of the website. Is it a reliable news provider (i.e. CBC)? Is it a satire site (i.e. the Onion)? Is it a blog promoting one person's opinion on the issue?

Even reliable news providers may have a bias towards different sides of an issue. That does not mean they are unreliable for that topic, but it is important to think about what bias it might have.

Check out the "Evaluating Sources" tab and the "News, Bias, and Viewpoints" tab to learn more.

Learn more about Fake News.

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