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These topics can be very divisive. For these, and other topics with opposing sides, there will be news, articles, and opinions published that look at the topic from different points of view. Depending on what the author believes, the resource might have a bias towards one side of the issue or the other.

Even if a resource (like a news article, for example) disagrees with your viewpoint, that does not mean it is wrong! Likewise, if a resource agrees with your viewpoint, it is not necessarily right.

If you are looking for facts: Check where the author got their information from. Did they cite their source? Did they make claims without backing them up?

If you are looking for opinions: stay aware of what the opinions are based on. Are they grounded in facts or emotions?

Some examples of different viewpoints/biases for topics:

  • Vaccinations:
  • Death Penalty:
  • Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice: liberal vs conservative; religious beliefs
  • Gun control: democratic vs. republican outlooks; gun users vs. non-gun users
  • Kinder-Morgan: BC vs. Alberta residents; environmental vs. economic perspectives
  • Electric cars: sustainability vs. economic costs; clean fuel vs. electric energy


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