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GEOG 207 - Introduction to Biogeography

Value of a Research Strategy

Creating a research strategy is always a good idea. It will:

  1. Get you focused on developing a good thesis statement
  2. Knowing the right question to ask will allow you to better explain it to a librarian.
  3. It will allow you to start developing a list of keywords and keyword phrases to use in your searching
  4. It can assist you to better manage your time
  5. It will allow you to develop a plan to manage the information that you discover and incorporate that information into your assignments
  6. Try out the OC Assignment Calculator

Monkeys Range and Distribution by Type

My Kingdom for the Right Keywords

Keywords and phrases are how we search in OCtopus.

The best starting point is to deconstruct the research topics that you have been given. For example,

Compare and contrast old world vs. new world monkeys. 

Keywords  Alternative Keywords
Old World Monkey Cercopithecidae - use specific family and subfamilies names
New World Monkey

Platyrrhines - use specific family and subfamily names


Habitat Environment, Ecozone, Territory, Terrain, Domain
Distribution Population, Range
Physiology  Anatomy, Genetics


Where Do I Find These Alternative Keywords

They're everywhere:

  1. Your Lectures and Lecture Notes
  2. Background Reference Sources
  3. Books and E-Books
  4. Journal Articles and their Reference Lists 
  5. Textbooks
  6. Webpages - especially those from Universities, Colleges, Research Institutions, etc.

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