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Copyright at Okanagan College

College publications

Fair dealing and educational exceptions in the Copyright Act often cannot be employed for general college uses (e.g. in publications, brochures, posters, promotional materials).

These activities are considered commercial in nature and generally require permission from the copyright owner.

To secure permission to use a work for non-educational purposes, contact the copyright owner. Ownership is usually indicated in the copyright statement next to the © symbol.

Or explore some alternatives to copyright.

College events

Are you planning a college event? 

Educational exceptions in the Copyright Act allow public performances of sound recordings (music) and media (DVDs, streaming films) on campus for educational purposes. 

Playing music and videos at non-educational college events (ie. Orientation events, fundraisers, film festivals, club events) may be possible if the rights were purchased by OC or negotiated for the specific use. 

Movie screenings: For entertainment, not education

The College has two licenses which allow movies to be screened on campus for non-educational events (Student movie nights, etc.), provided certain conditions apply:

  • The movie must be screened on campus
  • The audience must consist primarily of students and employees
  • Any advertising must be limited to students and employees
  • The event must be free to attend, or by donation if the event is a charity fund-raiser
  • Only films that have been released for rental and home purchase can be screened; films still in theatrical release are not covered
  • If screening a movie outdoors, you must use a movie licensed under Criterion Pictures. Audio-Cine restricts outdoor viewing.

Movies must be legally obtained and covered by one of the two following licenses:

Information obtained from or through this site does not constitute legal advice, but is provided as guidelines for using works for educational purposes.

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