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Census of Canada

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Census FAQs

When was the census held?

May 2006

What is a census?

"A census is an official count of the citizens who live in a particular country. It is used to get an accurate picture of a country's size and the characteristics of the people who live there."

Statistics Canada. (n.d.). The Canadian Encyclopedia.

What information is collected in Canada's census?

The census counts everyone living in Canada as well as "Canadian citizens and landed immigrants who are temporarily outside Canada on Census Day." Additionally, "the census gathers information on the socio-economic characteristics of the population."

Statistics Canada. (2009). 2006 census collection.

How is the data collected?

"The census is a unique undertaking on a vast scale, and it has its own special challenges. Collecting information from some 31.6 million people and more than 13.5 milllion dwellings is a daunting challenge. Although censuses are conducted only once every five years in Canada, the census cycle extends over a number of years"

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Census Profiles


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