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OADM 111 Letter & Report Writing

Try using one to three important words or phrases which describe your topic.

Tip: use quotation marks around phrases, for example

"reality television"

Try using alternative words or phrases:

  • synonyms
  • broader or more general terms 
  • narrower or more specific terms
  • related terms

Suggested Topics and alternative search term examples

Drugs and Employment

  • alcoholism and employment
  • employees drug testing
  • employee assistance programs

Sick Building Syndrome

  • indoor air pollution AND office buildings

Business Ethics

  • social responsibility of business
  • employee volunteerism

Business Etiquette

  • courtesy in the workplace

Quality of Work Life

  • corporate culture
  • office politics
  • job satisfaction
  • flexible work arrangements
  • work and family
  • dual-career families

Electronic Mail

  • email 

Dress for Success

  • dress codes in the workplace
  • business attire
  • casual fridays

Information Age

  • social media
  • twitter

Time Management

  • paperwork office practice 


  • job stress
  • burn out psychology
  • bullying in the workplace
  • pets AND workplace


  • workaholicism
  • work-life balance

Computers and Privacy

  • electronic monitoring in the workplace
  • employee rights AND privacy

Home Offices

  • telecommuting
  • virtual offices

Computer Viruses

  • business  AND computer AND security 
  • business  AND malware

Internet Ethics

  • personal internet use in the workplace
  • cyberloafing


  • office layout
  • computer users AND occupational diseases

Search Tips!

Improve your search results by combining terms with  AND, OR, or NOT 

Use AND to narrow your search

Use OR to expand your search

Use NOT to narrow your search and make it more relevant

Video (4:13) from Hartness Library

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