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OADM 111 Letter & Report Writing

Journals (Scholarly/Academic/Peer-Reviewed)

Annals of the Association of American Geographers
Value & Use Reports of original research (theoretical, experimental or applied) with in-depth analysis of subject
Authorship Scholars, academics, researchers - Names, credentials, and contact information provided
Sources All sources cited in bibliographies, footnotes etc.

Magazines (Popular)

Value & Use General information on current topics; commentary on political & social issues; entertainment
Authorship Wide variety: specialists, journalists, staff and free-lance writers; name & credentials sometimes provided
Sources Original sources usually obscure, no citations given

Professional, Trade & Industry Magazines

Value & Use Current trends, theoretical & ethical issues, news & events in particular field, industry or profession - Often contain product, company & biographical information
Authorship Practitioners or journalists with subject expertise
Sources Sources often cited but not always in full


Value & Use
Local and regional focus on current events and news often with some analysis & opinion
Authorship Journalists - Name sometimes given, rarely with credentials
Sources sometimes cited but rarely in full

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