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Links to resources for conducting Biology research at Okanagan College, and tips on how to use them. This guide also links to course-specific research strategy guides for some OC Biology courses.

Biology 228 Microbiology

Workshop Activity (Fall/October 2019): Identifying Primary Research Articles

Determine which of the articles attached  below in PDF are primary research articles and why; if the article is not a primary research article, what type of article is it?

For advice on identifying and reading scientific articles as to whether they are primary research, secondary - review or other,

refer to the Biology LibGuide tabs Scientific Articles: Primary & Secondary sub-tab Types of Journal Literature plus tab Reading Research Articles


Lab Research Project (Fall/October 2019): Citing Articles

For articles sourced for the Lab Research Project from OCtopus and databases,

these attached in PDF file are examples of citing for articles in APA format including format for References, In-text cites and with Permalinks to verify the citing elements

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