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Links to resources for conducting Biology research at Okanagan College, and tips on how to use them. This guide also links to course-specific research strategy guides for some OC Biology courses.

BIOL 012: Biology for Adult Upgrading

Resources to use for Human Body Systems Project:

Articles on anatomy & physiology of body systems. Related Articles on system disorders. Check the Additional Readings for useful links

On top menu, mouse over Medical Topics to find disorders for body systems. For particular disorder, scroll down page to find treatment. Change from Professional (medical) to Consumer (everyday language) version = patient education. Also Quick Facts plus images, videos and quizzes.


Websites: Professional and Government research and health agencies


. BC Ministry of Health Clinical practice guidelines and protocols in British Columbia 

           (for health professionals). Look at left menu for body systems. Results include diagnosis and management (treatment)

. Public Health Agency of Canada   

            Diseases and conditions – filter for your body system. Find information, tools and facts about symptoms, risks and  how to prevent, treat and manage human diseases and illnesses

. MedlinePlus (US National Library of Medicine) 

             Health Topics - search under left column for body location/systems eg. digestive system


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