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MLA Citation Style

Journal articles

One author, with DOI

Thacker, Robert. "'Evocative and Luminous Phrases': Reading Alice Munro's Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage." American Review of Canadian Studies, vol. 45, no. 2, 2015, pp. 187-95. Academic Search Complete,

In-text: (Thacker 189).

Note: "When the surrounding title is in quotation marks and the internal title is italicized, retain the italics of the internal title" (MLA 73).

One author, no DOI, no volume

Balzer, Geraldine."'Bring[ing] Them Back from the Inside Out': Coming Home through Story in Richard Wagamese's Keeper 'n Me." Essays on Canadian Writing, no. 83, 2004, pp. 222-39. Academic Search Complete,

In-text: (Balzer 222).

Note: "When the surrounding title is in quotation marks and the internal title is in quotation marks, use single quotation marks around the internal title" (MLA 74).

Two authors, with DOI

Elias, Nelly, and Idit Sulkin. “Screen-Assisted Parenting: The Relationship Between Toddlers’ Screen Time and Parents’ Use of Media as a Parenting Tool.” Journal of Family Issues, vol. 40, no. 18, Dec. 2019, pp. 2801–22. CINAHL Complete,

In-text: (Elias and Sulkin 2802).

Three or more authors, no DOI.

Lee, Eun-Young, et al. “Television Viewing, Reading, Physical Activity and Brain Development among Young South Korean Children.” Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, vol. 20, no. 7, July 2017, pp. 672–77. ScienceDirect,

In-text: (Lee et al. 675).

Paragraph numbers, available on the web

Janes, Daniela. "Truth and History: Representing the Aura in The Englishman's Boy." Studies in Canadian Literature/Études en Litteratures Canadienne, vol. 27, no. 1, 2002, pars. 1-24,

In-text: (Janes, par. 3).

Note: See MLA Handbook (244), place comma after author's name when referring to numbering systems other than page numbers (such as paragraphs, chapters, or lines).

No pagination or paragraph numbers, available on the web

Coad, David. "Hymens, Lips and Masks: The Veil in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale."  Contemporary Literary Criticism, edited by Jeffrey W. Hunter, vol. 246, Gale, 2008. Literature Resource Center,

In-text: (Coad).

Note: For sources without page numbers or other explicit numbering systems, do not "apply numbers not indicated by your source" (MLA 244).

You may have to look at more than one example to decide how to cite a journal article. Articles may have multiple authors, and may or may not have issues, page numbers, or DOIs. If you are including a URL, use the permalink or stable link if available.

The 9th edition of the MLA Handbook suggests the following about date of access—the date on which you consulted a work—when you cite an online work:  "An access date for an online work should generally be provided if the work lacks a publication date or if you suspect that the work has been altered or removed" (MLA 211). In other words, an access date is advisable for information you find on the internet that may be altered or removed over time.

Finding the Database Which Contains the Full-Text Article 

When using Okanagan College Library OCtopus, look in the detailed record (information about the article) to find the database name.

Permalinks and DOIs

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) should be included in your works cited "instead of a URL or permalink" as they are more accurate and concise than information copied and pasted from your browser (MLA 188).

If the DOI is not preceded by http:// or https:// in your source, precede the DOI in your [works cited] entry with the following:  (MLA 194).

If no DOI is available, a permalink URL is preferred, as the information present in your browser window is often specific to your session, and your reader will not be able to use it for retrieval. (MLA 195). The preceding http:// or https:// can be omitted from a permalink in your Works Cited entry (MLA 195).

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