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MLA Citation Style

Government or Corporate Publications (also known as "grey literature")

Report available from library database

Sargeant, Terry, et al. Keeyask Generation Project: Report on Public Hearing. Manitoba Clean Environment Commission, 2014. desLibris,

In-text: (Sargeant et al. 16).

Report available on the Web, no page numbers, no author, with tables 

Health Fact Sheets: Healthy Behaviours, 2015. Statistics Canada, 22 Mar. 2017,

In-text: (Health Fact Sheets).

To refer to the specific table in the report in your parenthetical citation, use: (Health Fact Sheets [table 1]).

Report available on the Web 

Arriagada, Paula, and Darcy Hango. Literacy and Numeracy Among Off-Reserve First Nations People and Métis: Do Higher Skill Levels Improve Labour Market Outcomes? Statistics Canada, 18 May 2016,

In-text: (Arriagada and Hango 3).

Library of Parliament background paper

MacKay, Robin, and Karin Phillips. The Legal Regulation of Marijuana in Canada and Selected Other Countries. Library of Parliament, 6 Sept. 2016, 

In-text: (MacKay and Phillips 2).

Legislation, case law


Title of statute is not italicized. See MLA Handbook 1.2.2 (69)

Water Protection Act. RSBC 1996, ch. 484, BC Laws, Queen's Printer,

In-text: (Water Protection Act).

Note: Water Protection Act is the title and RSBC 1996 is the version and c. 484 is a number. 

Canada Elections Act. S.C. 2000, c. 9, Justice Laws Website, Minister of Justice,

In-text: (Canada Elections Act).

Note: Canada Elections Act is the title and S.C. 2000 is the version and c. 9 is a number. 

Criminal Code. RSC 1985, c. C-46, Justice Laws Website, Minister of Justice, 17 June 2016,

In-text: (Criminal Code sec. 716).

Note:  Criminal Code is the title and RSC 1985 is the version and c. C-46 is a number. Date (17 June 2016) refers to date last amended.

Case law

Land and Water British Columbia Inc., Re, 2005 CanLII 24737 (BC IPC). CanLII,12 July 2005,

In-text: (Land and Water).

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