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OC Library Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice (EDISJ)

This guide outlines the Okanagan College Library EDISJ Committee's mission, EDISJ goals, and recommended EDISJ-related resources.

Short Term Goals (2022-2023)

Goal Area of Responsibility Action(s) Progress
1. The library will create an EDISJ committee to be chaired by the Vernon campus librarian (GDEIB 3.14)  Library EDISJ Committee, Vernon Campus Librarian EDISJ Committee formed in January 2023, chaired by Vernon Campus Librarian. Completed
2. An EDISJ vision, mission, strategy, and impact statement has been developed by the EDISJ committee and communicated to all library employees from the library director. (GDEIB 1.13)  Library EDISJ Committee EDISJ mission statement created and posted on library website. Completed
3. The library director will begin to liaise with PS to establish a training program for everyone on hiring committees to ensure that they conduct culturally competent interviews (GDEIB 4.9)  Library Director Recorded anti-bias training provided by People Services, shared out to Library Services staff on hiring committees. In progress
4. The library’s EDISJ committee will advise Library Services on hiring procedures that include advertising jobs in places that reach broad pools of diverse talent. (GDEIB 4.11)  Library EDISJ Committee Best Practices for Hiring and Recruitment created and shared amongst Library Services staff. In progress





5. Library employees will use marketing and communications methods that promote positive role models and do not perpetuate stereotypes. (GDEIB 14.7) 

5.a All library staff

Library staff will consult respectful communication guidelines in marketing tools such as social media, displays, posters. 

5.b Social Media Team

Social Media Team will create guidelines on inclusive and anti-racist language in social media posts. 


5.c Library EDISJ Committee Library EDISJ Committee will create guidelines on how to create inclusive and anti-racist displays and posters. Completed



6. The library director will liaise with PS to provide employees with training to be interculturally competent so that they can adapt and work effectively with library users from many backgrounds. (GDEIB 14.8) 


6.a Library Director Library Director arranged for cultural competency training with Your Syilx Sisters for the 2022 Library Learning Day.  Completed
6.b Library Director People Services launched the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation training, which Library Director has instructed all library staff to complete. Ongoing


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